Flushable Doesn’t Always Mean Flushable

Only toilet paper should be flushed!

Flushable Wipes should really not be flushed, especially with a septic system.

With toilet paper in high demand during this time, many people are resorting to personal bathroom wipes that claim to be flushable. Unfortunately, the companies don’t always take into account the actual time it takes for these wipes to break down when they make this claim. So, after repeated use, and combined with toilet paper and anything else that may get flushed, they can start to build up and cause backups in your septic pipes.

And then you have a new set of problems: having to get emergency septic service to pump your system or burning out motors that need to be replaced. All of which is costly, especially when it’s unexpected and during a time of pandemic.

You don’t need the added stress! Flush wipes marked septic-safe as little as possible.

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