Septic System Maintenance
Rosenberry’s Superior Septic Services is a licensed and insured septic system service provider. Rosenberry’s is an approved municipal septic service maintenance and repair provider in Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, Perry and York Counties. Septic service to our Central PA area is efficient and thorough by our professional septic experts.

Conventional & Sand Mound Septic Systems

We complete septic system repairs on conventional septic systems and elevated sand mound septic systems. From repairing a broken sand mound lateral clean out to installing a complete replacement septic system, we provide timely, turnkey septic repair services. You won’t need to shop around to other septic companies because we can take care of it all for you.

Dig-Free Septic Tanks

Tired of digging open the septic tank every three years for pumping service? We are a distributor of septic tank risers and lids and we install what we sell. We install septic tank risers to extend the septic tank lid to grade level. The risers we sell and install are safe and look good once installed.

Septic System Emergency Alarms

Did your septic system sand mound alarm go off last night? Give us a call and we’ll troubleshoot the problem and determine the repairs necessary to get the septic system operating properly. We are a distributor of Goulds effluent and sewage pumps. We also carry Champion wastewater pumps and Liberty residential and commercial grinder pumps. In addition, we carry a full inventory of pump floats, alarm floats, PVC pipe, etc.; everything needed to successfully complete septic system repairs.

We stand behind our service and the products we sell to ensure you have a peace of mind. Call Rosenberry’s Septic Services today!

Premier Tech Ecoflo Septic Systems

Premier Tech Ecoflo Septic Systems

We offer complete maintenance and repair on alternative septic treatment systems through Premier Tech Ecoflo Biofilters, including replacing the peat moss. This odorless, efficient system works great under all conditions, but occasional maintenance may be needed. Rosenberry’s Septic is authorized to perform this service in Adams, Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Juniata and Perry Counties.