Superior Septic Services

With over 60 years of local septic service experience, Rosenberry’s Septic is proud to take care of all of your septic needs. Whether you need pumping, repair or maintenance for your existing septic system, a septic inspection for real estate transactions or new septic supplies like pre-cast concrete tanks and products, we’re here to help.

Septic Services and Septic Tank Pumping

Rosenberry’s Superior Septic Services is a licensed and insured septic tank pumping service provider and is an approved municipal septic tank service provider for most municipalities in Cumberland and Franklin Counties. In addition, Rosenberry’s also provides pumping and septic system services in Adams, Perry and York Counties.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Once you have a septic system installed, or if you inherit a system with a purchase of a property, you will need to have it maintained occasionally. Our septic repair services, including septic system emergency alarms, provide timely and turnkey maintenance from experience septic professionals.

Real Estate Septic Inspections

Rosenberry’s Septic is a certified Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA) septic system inspection service company. We are trained for and offer both standard PSMA septic system inspections as well as septic system hydraulic load testing. We have completed septic inspections in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton Perry and York counties.

Annual Ecoflo Inspection and Service

Do you own a Premier Tech Ecoflo septic system? Is your Ecoflo in need of service? We can help. Rosenberry’s Septic Services is the only authorized Premier Tech service provider in Adams, Fraklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Juniata and Perry counties.

Septic System Installation

From Septic Design, to Septic Products and Sales, to Complete System Installation, Rosenberry’s professional team is experienced in turnkey septic installation. We work within township regulations as well as counsel our clients on the best septic system options available in the market today, including alternative septic treatment solutions.

Vac Truck Service

We are proud to announce the addition of our Vactor 2100 Vac truck and jetter. This truck has an 8” vacuum line with powerful suction to safely and efficiently remove spent peat moss from Premier Tech Ecoflo treatment units and to remove solid debris from sanitary sewers, manholes, catch basins, and storm water drains to assist your municipality with maintaining MS4 compliance. The Vac truck has approximately 800 gallons of water storage to compliment the powerful jetter with multiple jetter nozzles for optimum cleaning performance. Pricing for these services is available on a case by case basis.

Septic Tank Locating

Although due to Township Pumping Regulations, most homeowner typically already know where they tank is, occasionally there is a need to locate your septic tank. We’re happy to help if this becomes an issue for you.

Jetting Clogged Lines

To keep your septic system moving efficiently, we offer the service to jet your clogged septic pipes and lines. It’s a safe and efficient system for septic repair.